Hi all,

I’ve made another update to Fiddler Html Inspector, the Fiddler extension for viewing HTML inefficiencies. I have modified the location of the inspector so that it now appears as a traditional inspector, rather than as a tab. This should improve the experience you all enjoy. As usual, you have access to the full source code.

You can read the earlier posts Part 1 and Part 2 to see how it has progressed.

You can still get the full tabbed version by using the following menu option. Note that the full tabbed version features “history viewing” in that you may go back and forth between graphed items for comparison.

After you’ve toggled this view, you must restart Fiddler for the change to take effect.

Once you have restarted you can see the inspector as it used to be, as a tab:

One last thing to note, if you go to the Log fiddler tab, you will be able to see detailed stats on what is being reported.